Wednesday, November 19, 2008



I actually got a blog. Lol.

Liao Liao... I have grown fat. Life's good... I guess I must lead a healthy lifestyle. No more drinking! So how do I survive?

I had been drinking constantly each week, 3 times, 2 times a week. Teach me how to say ''No''.


I am going to see the Doc now, cause I'm coughing my lungs out!


Friday, August 08, 2008

8 8 8 !


Today is so nice! 8/8/2008. Toto is 8 Million and the winner might be Me.

What will you do if you win 8 million overnight? I would invest half of it. The other half will be spammed. Now I'm at work, bored. But good thing is that I get to choose what to drive later on. Van =X
I'm late for booking the Nissan Sunny... Few hours late. Nvm, Cheaper petrols...

Slacking later at night @ maybe Yishun Dam. Anyone ?!

Everyone! 8 8 8 8 !


Thursday, August 07, 2008

1st Post In August!

Finally, I came back and type... Lol. After I had changed the skin of this boring page.

So what happened in July. July was great for me, met up with friends... went Batam and play water sports, shop around and like kings there. Hahhs. Soon after, friends went Ns and we seldom had the chance to meet!

After that I had my Birthday celebration. Received many sms'es :)

Nothing fantastic or happening happened.

August, I think there will be a IT-fair. Rmb to go okay? :)


Saturday, July 12, 2008

I got no friends!

Now that almost all my friends went into NS, I got no one to ask out to slack, its down to 2-man team. OMG! So desperately looking for people to slack! Pm me!



Monday, July 07, 2008

Finally another post


I am posting again! Lol, bored.

Most of my friends went into National service, I finally understood what my brother meant when he said it sucks to retain in Poly. He said that feeling sucks and you won't want to go to school. I finally realised that it is very true. Nevertheless I got to clear this stage and get on with life.

So now, I finally had my driving lic. Not much chances to drive thou, wrong timing as my parents just changed car... Don't want to drive much too. Petrol consumption sucks, I'm broke after 1 day of driving. Hmms, I think I prefer automatic cars to manual cars. Like Datona on the road :)

Now, the next thing to clear is my FYP 3. Progress is good, believe that clearing isn't a problem. Hope everything goes well :)

Yesterday, went Batam with my friends for a day. We played and shopped, the standard of living there is very very Low. We felt like kings, I can't believe that Movie tickets in cinema better than Gv Vivo only cost $3.80 on Sunday. Massage there is cheap. $30 for an hour. The water sports is fun and cheap too. Lastly, there is.... A & W there! Nice :)



Saturday, April 19, 2008



I think I am really a joke, I tried to quit smoking for some reasons. I managed to stop smoking for more than a day. Wows, thats a record to me. Everyday like 2 to 3 sticks, it is all in the mind, mind over body or body over mind.

Anyway, I gave up trying to be better. I am just a joke, things wont change even if I quit...Lols. Rubbish. I think I should let texas and whiskey do the job. I swear I am going to drink this coming week no matter what.

Tired each day. Fuck!



Monday, April 07, 2008

Opps, I forgotten that I got a Blog

Hello everyone,

I forgot about this blog... I am busy sleeping everyday, playing mahjong, going out with friends. Really enjoyed the fun :D

I'm just like a rubber band being stretch apart...ouch! Stress...

So it is that today is the 1st day of school...and it sucks! Today I went off early and met Des for pool. We had our mini competition, I lost my desired **** because I cant get the black ball in, what a joke! I lost the fightback match too...

But, the "joke club president" title... I won, Des got this title for about 10mins, till he won the fightback match. Lol. What a joke!

I think I am a joke, So stressed...




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